"In Africa the dark always seems to come too quickly, as if the sun were a mere interlude in the reign of night, and that the land itself is responsible for this, that it is not a place of light but a place of darkness." - Diane Awerbuck


Kidnapped after the death of a friend. Onam finds herself in the hands of ritualists, murderers, and weird deities, who all want her life’s blood.

Meet Onam

Our protagonist… That look in her eyes says it all. She’s scared, confused, and in shock. I hope she survives.

He expects  you to know his name, and if you don’t, expect him to haunt your house this night.

Don’t tell anyone I told you, but the guy with the fiery eyes is ANIKU. Whisper his name five times if you desire to be safe.

That’s not the book cover, that’s Sewe.

Can you feel her eyes on you? She wants your blood. Click on the link below, or on her face, and see what she did to someone on YouTube.

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